Sheridan Illustration 2023 fall semester thesis project. Set up like a no-commentary walkthrough of a demo of a game. We follow a recent top-of-his-class adventuring school graduate, Aster, setting off to a famously mysterious and enormous mountain of monsters. With a huge ego and something to prove, Aster smugly announces his incredible abilities and acheivements before he finds out he's bitten off way more than he can chew.Special thanks to Daniel Teles for composing the soundtrack for this project.


Ospesjel is a short click-through story inspired by the Norwegian wilderness and old folktales. We follow the soul of a book making a pact with a trickster spirit to turn her human. The pact is almost up, and as she slowly turns back into a novel, she returns to the spirit to beg it to keep her human by any means necessary.

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Synapse is a horror interactive fiction game made in Twine. You play as a curious ai bot shuffling around a decaying cryogenics facility, set far in the future with glimpses into the past. Choose to do your work or to find out more about yourself and this strange decrepit facility. Mind the warnings.


Assets created for Game Jams

Created all in under a month

Fireball Honey Art Book and Visual Development

Work that got cut from the final package:

Proof-of-concept pixel art video of Adam, Phaya, and Manami transforming into their mage forms.

Magical girl transformation for Manami, a quick cutscene that would play during a transformation sequence using scans of fabric and effects to cause an extra sense of intrigue and otherworldliness.

Aster: Faux Metroidvania Game Visual Development

Early concepts for Aster

Concepts for enemies that didn't make it into the final

More cut content and rough work



Heyo! My name is Madi Funk. I'm a graduate of Sheridan College's Honours Bachelor of Illustration degree program, with a focus on game art, visual development, and illustration. I also like to experiment with different mediums, and write, in my free time.I hope to make work with others that I love and feel passionate about, and develop games and art that mean something.


Honours Bachelor of Illustration

Sheridan College

Art Fundamentals Certificate

Sheridan College

Highschool Diploma

Jacob Hespeler Secondary School

Graduated with SHSM Certification in Arts and Culture


2D Artist

Neopets - present

Illustration & Sprite Artist

Moirai Myths - present

Pixel Artist

Freebird Games - 2022

Art and Portfolio Tutor

Sheridan College - 2022 - 2023

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